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Celeste the Chicken tours the world.

Celeste the chicken tours the world through the creative eyes of American artist Mary Downing.  Celeste began her life on a historical farm in Austin, Texas.

She was moved to her new digs near San Antonio where she lived out her life as an artist model.

American Artist Mary Downing visualized Celeste in her work first as pottery and then later in a series of paintings titled Urban Chicks.  The whimsy of the work is evident in each piece.  Many said the pottery was folk style, while the paintings take on a more sophisticated look.  The bright colors and designs bring a smile to the face.

American Artist Mary Downing has focused her work on the anthropomorphic lives of her animals including cats and dogs she has known and love.  It is possible to commission a work by Ms. Downing including family portraits of people and pets.

The work is acrylic on canvas.



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